I'm Lezlea

Doing what you like is freedom
Liking what you do is happiness

Let's strive for both

I’m Lezlea and I’m a scuba diving, motorbike loving, nature seeking, creative soul mixed in with a logical developer mind.  I embrace new challenges, whether that is moving to the other side of the world while working remotely or adding a new skill to my ever growing tool belt.

Variety is the spice of life, and I relish the freedom to explore many areas of development, which is how I have such a diverse portfolio.  I’m currently focusing on React for web applications,WordPress Elementor for quick turnaround websites, and creative Web Banner development in-between.

Enjoy scrolling the various specificities of my work, and get in touch if you would like to discuss your latest project.

WordPress Elementor

There’s something beautiful about building a website that empowers your client to be able to easily update as they please.

I build custom themes, page templates, or unique custom elements with CSS so that your website is uniquely you.

WordPress and Elementor are compatible with payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe, marketing automation like MailChimp, membership site plugins such as MemberPress, or eCommerce like Shopify or WooCommerce.

Elementor Page builder makes it quick to build responsive and mobile friendly websites, and so you can have the website of your dreams in no time!

Mentor with Thinkful

I work one-on-one with students in the Engineering Immersion course on a weekly basis to help their understanding with new concepts, boost their confidence with coding, and help them prepare for interviews. It has honestly been one of the most rewarding ‘side jobs’ I have ever carried out and I truly love helping students understand JavaScript, learn how to solve problems, how to best approach client requests, and be for them in whatever other capacity they need.

Thinkful teaches students how to become equipped for the world’s next workforce with fast paced, job-ready programs in software engineering, data science, data analytics, and design. Students learn cutting-edge industry standards and work 1-on-1 with professional mentors from their field. Career services, hiring partners, and job placement assistance mean students get a job in tech or their money back.

Banner Ad Development

I have always been a creative sole enjoying the animation element of banners, but I also revel in figuring out the most efficient way to do something aka. building out various sizes or languages!

I specialise in beautifully animated hand coded HTML5 Banners developed to your specification. Including rich media banners with video, dynamic content via XML or JSON, expanding banners with games or image galleries, utilising Greensock for animations, and even animated backup gifs.

Using DoubleClick, Sizmek, Eyeblaster, Flashtalking, Google, or standalone.

Work History

With over 10 years of Industry experience I have a wealth of knowledge across a wide variety of projects –

Highly Interactive custom built applications across web, desktop, touch-table, kiosk, outdoor displays, video walls, and other engaging technologies.

Creative thinking to bring your vision to life; applying the same logic across different coding languages, tailored to your needs, pixel perfect, and built with love.

After achieving a 1st Class Honors BSc I worked full time for 6 years in a few agencies across London UK, I loved being part of a team and integrating with the full process from idea conception to build.

I moved freelance and for the next 5 years worked in numerous agencies across London as a freelance developer, loving the diversity of projects.  Since 2015 I’ve been working remotely from Google Campus in London or from co-working spaces in Indonesia. I continue to work for previous clients and agencies in London as well as with clients directly across the globe, or on my own Software as a Service.


Full Stack Development

I have 4+ years experience building fullstack products from scratch, developing and integrating APIs, and working with a variety of databases and cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS.

I initially worked with Meteor JS and MongoDB, and now focus on React.

I’ve always thrived working with libraries and external APIs such as Google Maps API, Google Markers, Facebook Graph API, Instagram Graph API and have been integrating creative complexity in my projects since the good old Flash Actionscript days.

Key words: AWS Lambda, Node.js, JQuery, RESTful APIs, PostGres, Redux, Router, Enzyme, NPM, and of course HTML, CSS, and Javascript! 

Dependably Creative

Selected by agencies and clients directly due to my passion and attention to detail.  They keep coming back knowing my clear communication and ability to successfully deliver on time.

Interactive Creative Development

I custom build multitouch table and video wall Air applications combining touch gestures with physics based animations to create stunning UI experiences. I can integrate with APIs such as object recognition or Kinect to create a highly interactive experience.

Using Gestureworks, Windows Touch, TUIO, Air, AS3, Kinect, Tangible Engine.


My key traits lend well to remote work; I’m a naturally organised person and believe clear communication is vital.  

Independent or Integrated – I am happy to independently build out your project and simply let you know when I’ve hit key milestones, or integrate with your team and keep you up to date with progress through whatever communication methods suit best.

get in touch, lets work together

Social Media Marketing

My love of underwater photography, and connection with the diving community, sparked my interest in Instagram.  Initially a hobby, I grew my personal IG account and that of my startup Fishtag.world very quickly with over 10k real niche followers which prompted friends to ask if I could grow their business IG accounts too.  I answered that call and ended up building a Software as a Service and managed Instagram Growth for over 30 clients a month.  

I also enjoy the creativity of managing Instagram Feeds, and was the IG SMM for a tourism startup TourHub for a few months until Covid took a hit on the tourism industry.  I’m not currently offering any SMM Services.

Ijen crater, Java, Indonesia