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Specialising in highly interactive custom built applications across web, desktop, touch-table, kiosk, outdoor displays, video walls and other engaging technologies.

As lead developer, and often the only developer on a team, I work closely with founders, designers and PMs to create the best solutions for the specific requirements. Collaborating as an Interactive Creative Development with agencies in London and Dubai.

Not all projects are included below, some are under NDA.

I custom build multitouch table Air applications combining touch gestures with physics based animations to create stunning UI experiences. I can integrate with APIs such as object recognition to create a highly interactive experience.

  • Beautiful custom navigation.
  • Moveable, scalable and ‘fling-able’ objects such as infographics, video, images, or beautiful graphics.
  • The physics of movement such as scrollable galleries, stunning code-based animations, timelines, or collision detection so that lovely flowers can bounce off each other when the user touches them.
  • Dynamic content: all of my apps are built with data held within XML or JSON. This means you can add, remove, or change content without needing to re-compile…allowing for easy updates.
  • An online version of the app that works with mouse clicks is possible, making it easier to review and check online.
  • If required I can install the application on your touchtable or kiosks and perfect the speeds, gravity, and movements depending on your preferences and table performance.
  • Timers can be used to measure inactivity and display a screensaver in order to avoid screen burn.

Key languages / APIs: Gestureworks, Windows Touch, TUIO, Tangible Engine, Kinect, Air

I have worked with Somo on a few touchtable applications, working closely with their designers to come up with the best usability and interactivity depending on the content needing to be displayed. 

The multi-touch interactive table app provides information about BP’s operations around the world in a beautiful way. With a 3D rotating map, interactive touchpoints, moveable infographics etc.

Users really enjoyed browsing what could realistically be a lot of boring data. Of course that meant the entire app was dynamic and supported by an editable XML file so that updates can be made easily.

Multi touch table application for perfume client in Dubai with object recognition for the perfume bottles.  

The perfume bottles can be placed on the table and recognised so that a unique navigation animate around the bottle.  

Various backgrounds and interactive elements animate on screen depending on the perfume scent ( floral, woody etc.).  The flowers can be moved out of the way by touch to reveal perfumes available.

Such a great experience, initially working remotely from London and continuing in Dubai for a month working with the bespoke table.  The images showcase photos of the table in testing as well.

BP Multi touch table application for 100 Centenary event including three distinct sections of the app.  The scrollable timeline lets users uniquely explore BP Shipping throughout the years, including image and video popups.  Faces lets you filter and explore the people of BP Shipping and learn more from their stories.  

Everything is XML driven and therefore easily updatable.

Working with Somo London two years in a row for Audi and the Goodwood Festival of Speed event.

The ‘Video Wall’ is a looping Air App bringing together stunning videos, various leaderboards which update every 30 seconds via an API, Twitter API and Facebook API carousels continuously updating, a dynamic CMS managed messaging system to display images/text at various times during the event, and a content managed “Instant” Tweet messages that can overlay the content.

Working with great agencies across London and even more fun clients on a wide variety of games in HTML5 / Canvas / JS / Flash.  From simple games built in a few days to more complex multi-level dynamic, utilising libraries to speed up the build process.

Below are the Ben & Jerrys games, and to the right all other clients.

I have been lucky to be a part of so many interesting experiential projects over the years, of which I’ve highlighted a few above.  If you are interested in seeing more work or chatting about how we can work together please do get in touch.